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Friday, March 15, 2013

Pi Day

It's every baker's favorite holiday - Pi day!  You know, 3/14... 3.14...  Ok, I know, I'm a nerd!  But I do have a bachelor's degree in math, and I love to bake, so you do the math!  (ha ha ha)

To celebrate the (ahem) holiday, I made these chocolate raspberry truffle tarts.  They are the ultimate in decadence: a crisp, butter shortbread crust filled with dark chocolate raspberry ganache, and drizzled with pureed fresh raspberries.  

The ganache filling is what you use to make truffles, so it is basically a truffle with pie crust!  First, you get the rich, creamy, chocolate, and a burst of the sweet-tart raspberry cuts in.  Then the crispy crunch of the shortbread crust, and at the end, a hit of salt from the crust, intensifying all the flavors.

Happy Pi day everyone!

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