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Custom wedding and party cakes, cupcakes, sugar cookies, and French macarons.

All my products are made to be the most delicious you've ever eaten! Painstakingly tested recipes, innovative baking techniques, and the very best ingredients set them apart. Premium chocolates, Madagascar vanilla beans, real butter, fresh fruit, and premium toasted nuts.

Everything I make is from scratch, including my fondant, sugar paste and modeling chocolate.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Coconut Cream Pie

I wanted a big punch of coconut flavor in this pie, so I used unsweetened flaked coconut, ground some into flour, and used in the shortbread crust to create a delicious, toasted coconut crust. Then I made the pastry cream with rich coconut milk, topped the pie with mounds of freshly whipped, lightly sweetened cream, and a big pile of toasted coconut flakes. The flavor is so fresh - no artificial flavors here - cool, creamy, crispy, toasty, and delicious. 

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tie Dye Butterfly Cupcakes

Buttermilk cupcakes dyed with rainbow swirls, topped with rich dark chocolate fudge frosting and modeling chocolate rainbow swirl butterflies. They remind me of tie dye!

Milk Chocolate Banana Cake

Four layers of soft banana cake, filled and frosted with rich milk chocolate frosting, topped with caramel sauce. I tried a new "embossed" decorating technique on the sides, with silver nonpareils. I was very pleased with the effect. 

Dark Chocolate Caramel Banana Cake

Four layers of soft banana cake, filled and frosted with dark chocolate ganache. Coated with chopped pecans, and topped with salted caramel sauce. 

Bee Sting Cake

This is a traditional German pastry, known as "Bee Sting Cake" in the US, "Bienenstitch" in Germany.  It has two layers of lightly sweetened yeasted cake, filled with pastry cream, and topped with a honey almond glaze. It is not too sweet, creamy from the pastry cream, crispy from the almonds, with the delicious kiss of honey. 

Mini Pumpkin Pies

Everything is cuter in mini! These are spiced, creamy, mini pumpkin pies with real whipped cream. I love to use fresh grated ginger in my pumpkin pie. The punch of fresh ginger really makes them special.

French Apple Tarts

These French apple tarts are my favorite apple dessert. Flaky, buttery puff pastry topped with thin slices of apples, a sprinkle of sugar and walnuts, baked until golden, then drizzled with homemade caramel sauce. 

Malted Chocolate Cake

Malted chocolate cake. Four layers of malted vanilla cake, filled with malted chocolate frosting, frosted outside with malted vanilla French buttercream. Decorated with whopper candies, silver nonpareils, and gumpaste blossoms. 

Pink Coconut Elephant Cupcakes

I got to make these fun cupcakes for a baby shower. I molded the elephants out of modeling chocolate, added white nonpareils for the eyes, with a dot of black food dye for the pupils. 

The cupcakes are pink dyed coconut cupcakes, with coconut swiss meringue buttercream and pink dyed shredded coconut. 

German Chocolate Cake

Four layer German chocolate cake with coconut pecan filling. White chocolate plaque with chocolate writing. German chocolate cake is not actually from Germany; it was invented by an American baker, Sam German, and is actually German's Chocolate Cake.

Halloween Cupcake Assortment

I had so much fun creating these creepy halloween cupcakes! Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting and white chocolate spiderwebs, red velvet cupcakes with raspberry cream cheese frosting piped like intestines, buttermilk cupcakes with vanilla frosting and gumpaste black cats, chocolate cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream piped like brains, cinnamon roll cupcakes with cream cheese frosting piped like mummies, and chocolate cupcakes with oreo buttercream and gumpaste graves.