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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cake Decorating Classes

All of my decorating skills are self-taught, from reading books, reading and watching videos online, and just experimenting on my own.  So, I decided to take some actual professional cake decorating classes.  They make you start at the beginning, so I am in a basics class... which means I have not learned anything new, but it's fun to get away for the evening and be with other cake-happy adults!  The first cake we were suppsed to decorate in class was learning to transfer a pattern on to a cake.  The manual came with a picture of a cupcake, but I thought it wasn't very cute, so I chose a butterfly picture which I found online.  Once again, my photography and lighting are terrible, so my colors look strange, but anyway, the cake turned out great.  I sent it home with my mom as a thank-you for babysitting my kids while I took the class.

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